Project History


People have long sought an easier way to commute from Northern Virginia to Washington, DC. The ongoing analysis of dock locations and potential ferry terminal sites builds on a series of feasibility and market assessments begun by the Virginia Department of Transportation in 1999.



There have been several milestones achieved since 2009, including:

2009 - Potomac Ferry Feasibility and Route Proving Exercise (PWC)

2010 - Fast Ferry Stakeholder Group Established (NVRC)

2013 - Occoquan, Potomac, Anacostia Designated M-495 Marine Highway (MARAD)

2014 - Capital Grant Award (Shoreside Infrastructure) For Passenger Fast Ferry (FTA)

2015 - Marine Highway Leadership Award To NVRC (MARAD)

Nelson Nygaard Market Analysis for Commuter Ferry Service (NVRC)

2016 - Infrastructure Gap Grant Award To NVRC (MARAD)

2018 - Technical Assistance Panel Grant Award To NVRC (Urban Land Institute)

Nelson Nygaard Infrastructure Gap Analysis Study (NVRC)

2019 - Final Infrastructure Gap Analysis Report Completed December 2019

2022 - Business Case Phase 

                Appendices Combined

2023 - NVRC Fast Ferry Business Case Phase II Final Report


Previously completed studies

2023 - Business Case Phase II

2019 - Final Infrastructure Gap Analysis Report 

2018 - Draft Gap Analysis Report

2018 - Integrating Fast Ferry Service in Woodbridge - ULI Technical Assistance Panel Presentation

2017 - Potomac River Transportation Framework Plan

2015 - NVRC Market Analysis for Commuter Ferry Service on the Occoquan, Potomac, and Anacostia Rivers

2009 - Prince William County Potomac River Commuter Ferry Service Study & Route Proving Exercise

2000 - VDOT Ferry Boat Feasibility Study